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BIM4FitOut was formed by FIS to address the impact of BIM on the fit out and finishes sector.  A Governments BIM Task Group partner, the group aims to ensure that the sector supply chain is ready for this new way of working.

"BIM is not the future, it is now, a day to day reality.

This is an opportunity to engage and develop the holistic collaborative approach that BIM generates and demonstrate its real benefits to the construction process and our customers.

Mark Norton, BIM4FitOut Chair


"BIM driven fit out design should ideally be based on on the developer's base build models"
Fred Mills"Bingham's views are at odds with current BIM momentum"
"BIM won’t solve our problems..."
David Frise"BIM will change the way we design and build"
Casey Rutland"Construction seems obsessed with BIM, but what exactly is it?"


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