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A Guide to Partitions - a RIBA Core Curriculum CPD presentation.

The CPD presents the benefits, uses and performance of modern partitioning systems and is designed to make the audience aware of the innovative solutions available to specifiers from the membership of FIS.

The presentation covers:
• About FIS and its membership
• Advantages of modern partitions: flexibility, sustainability, reusability, tax benefits
• Their uses in a wide range of spaces
• Types of partitions available
• Performance issues, including the relevant building regulations
• Trends in partitions
• Innovation in partitions including electric films, workwalls, curved, dry joints
• Case studies

A Guide to Office Acoustics - a RIBA Core Curriculum CPD presentation.

Based on the FIS publication of the same name, the CPD key learning points include some important facts that are particularly useful to anyone involved in fit out, such as:
• Understanding flanking sound
• Laboratory tests vs onsite
• How background noise can be used to save money in the specification process
• How to provide absorption in reverberant spaces

FIS CPD’s can be booked by emailing FIS technical manager 

To view the acoustic guide click here

A Guide to Partitions
RIBA CPD Core Curriculum

A Guide to Office Acoustics
RIBA CPD Core Curriculum


To book an FIS CPD presentation email   or call 0121 707 0077.