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Ceilings Sustainability Partnership

The Ceilings Sustainability Partnership (CSP), which is made up of manufacturers, distributors and installers of suspended ceilings, was established to ensure that the resources used to manufacture Mineral Wool Ceiling Tiles are not wasted or having a detrimental impact on the environment.

The CSP recognised that other materials such as gypsum, steel aluminium and timber used in the manufacture of suspended ceiling tiles all have routes to existing recycling schemes, whereas the majority of Mineral Wool Ceiling Tiles were going to landfill at end of life. This is because of the relative low value of the material, and the perceived cost of landfill against the cost to correctly identify and recycle them. Despite the material being recyclable it is believed that hundreds of thousands of square metres of Mineral Wool Ceiling Tiles are sent to landfill each year, representing a significant loss of valuable resource and waste of the energy, water and materials that go into making them.

The two key challenges facing the CSP in achieving its objectives were identified as:

  • returning materials to the original factory for closed loop recycling
  • finding an alternative use for the material in another process

Finding solutions to these two key challenges led to the development of the Mineral Wool Ceiling Tiles Resource Efficiency Action Plan.

Manufacturers of mineral wool ceiling tiles - recycling options

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